Ipf Bopfingen

Ipf in Bopfingen (Ostalbkreis)From whatever direction you approach Bopfingen, the 668-metre high conical mountain known as the Ipf soon catches the eye - it is Bopfingen's landmark. The Ipf is the most easterly foothill of the Swabian Alb and consists of layers from the Middle Jurassic and Upper Jurassic periods. The first traces of a settlement on the Ipf date from the late Neolithic Age and early Bronze Age. On the westerly edge of the Ries area, there is a striking number of archaeological sites from the Ice Age, which include the well known large group of burial mounds from the Hallstatt Age near Meisterstall, the Celtic  rectangular enclosure near Jagstheim or the Goldberg mountain with its various prehistoric settlement phases.