Vulkanschlot Neuffener Steige

Volcano vent in black and white stone

Ever seen a volcanic vent? At the Neuffener Steige, we catch a glimpse of a prominent volcanic vent. It is a witness of the volcanic activity on the Alb about 17 to 11 million years ago, during the Neogene period. At that time, the volcanic vent cut the Jura rock from below.

At the outcrop, we see the involved rocks next to each other forming an eye-catching contrast:  Black volcanic tuff and light Jurassic limestone side by side. The volcanic vent was discovered at random while quarrying limestones.

In geology, we speak of an outcrop when hidden rock is revealed and tells us its secrets. The volcanic vent is one of more than 350 places in the Swabian Alb where volcanism has been proven.


  • Vulkanschlot Neuffener Steige
    Vulkanschlot Neuffener Steige
  • Vulkankontakt Neuffener Steige
    Kontakt von Vulkantuff (links) und Kalkstein (rechts) an der Neuffener Steige (en)


Geopoint Vulkanschlot Neuffener Steige
(Landkreis Esslingen)