Höhle des Löwenmenschen

Small cave with a great history

The Hohlenstein is a rock formation at the southern edge of the Lone Valley near Rammingen. It contains three caves. The cave Hohlenstein-Stadel is the most famous and part of the UNESCO World Heritage "Caves and Ice Age Art of the Swabian Alb.

The cave was exposed during the formation of the Lone Valley. Later, it was a shelter to both Neanderthals and modern humans. The “Lion Man” was found here - a fascinating ivory figurine measuring 30 centimetres. The figurine is about 40,000 years old and on display at the Ulm Museum. Another extraordinary find from this cave is a Neanderthal bone – the only one having been found in southern Germany.

At the nearby restaurant "Zum Schlößle" in Lindenau, you can find information about the cave, which is within walking distance of one kilometre.


  • HoehledesLoewenmenschen LKHDH
    Höhle des Löwenmenschen
  • Loewenmensch Landesamt fuer Denkmalpflege im RP Stuttgart und Museum Ulm
    Die über 30 cm große Figur des Löwenmenschen wurde aus einem Mammutstoßzahn geschnitzt (en)


Geopoint Höhle des Löwenmenschen
Rammingen/ Asselfingen