Heldenfinger Kliff

Unique heritage of a sea swell

The Heldenfinger cliff was part of a sea coast 15 million years ago (Neogen period). The former coast can be traced today as a cliff line across the entire Swabian Alb.

The cliff in Heldenfingen is surprisingly well-preserved - you get the feeling as if the waves of the Molasse Sea have crashed against the hard rock just recently. The constant surf of the waves has carved a notch into the rocks. Above it, the rock is littered with holes. The larger holes originate from boring shells, the smaller holes from boring sponges.

The Heldenfinger Cliff is a famous treasure that can only be admired in very few places in the world.


  • Heldenfinger kliff
    Heldenfinger Kliff
  • Heldenfinger Kliff Loecher LenaRichter v2
    Deutlich erkennbare Löcher von Bohrmuscheln (groß) und Bohrschwämmen (klein) (en)


Geopoint Heldenfinger Kliff
(Landkreis Heidenheim)