Schwefelquellen Bad Sebastiansweiler

Healing water at the foot of the Albtrauf

The healing sulphur water of Bad Sebastiansweiler, located at the foothills of the Albtrauf (Alb escarpment), has been used for centuries. The active ingredient originates from the Posidonia Shale layer - a rock layer that is over 180 million years old (Lower Jurassic period). It lies here just a few meters below the surface.

When rock was formed, there was hardly any oxygen on the sea floor. Therefore, decomposition by bacteria could not take place. This is why these sediments still contain a lot of organic material and the mineral pyrite ("fool's gold"). When pyrite gets in contact with oxygenated groundwater, water-soluble sulphur compounds are formed. They accumulate in the water and cause the typical slightly bitter taste and beneficial effect. The characteristic odor is caused by hydrogen sulphide caused by the activity of bacteria.

The sulphur water is part of a tradition that probably dates back to the Middle Ages. Even today, the spa clinic Bad-Sebastiansweiler uses the healing effect of the water. Due to its extraordinary composition, the sulphur water spring is one of the richest in Europe. Visitors can taste the water in the historic drinking pavilion.


  • Geopoint BadSebastiansweiler
    Schwefelquellen Bad Sebastiansweiler


Geopoint Schwefelquellen Sebastiansweiler
(Landkreis Tübingen)