Steinernes Haus

Stone House with "Ice Cellar"

The cave Steinernes Haus is a freely accessible cave. It is located opposite the Schertelshöhle. Via a magnificently arched entrance, you get into a hall of 35 meters in length and 8 meters in height. The cave has a total length of 80 metres. It leads downhill and is an ice cellar cave. Cold air is heavier than warm air and therefore stays in the deeper cave section, while the warmer air from outside can hardly get in.

Finds from the Neolithic and Bronze Age were made here in 1931 indicating early settlement.

About 300 metres away, there are the remains of the cave Burkhartshöhle, which was a site of Ice Age finds. It served as storage for explosives and was blown up in 1945 at the end of the World War II. Even today you can see the huge rock debris.


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    Steinernes Haus


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