Schwefelbrunnen Balingen

A treasure from the depths

The town of Balingen has a special treasure: a natural deposit of sulfur water.

The water originates from a 180 million years old rock formation deep below Balingen (layers of the Lower Jurassic). These rocks are rich in organic material and contain the mineral pyrite - popularly known as "fool's gold". When pyrite comes into contact with oxygenated water, a sulfur compound (sulfate) is formed. It makes the water taste slightly bitter, but has also a beneficial effect.

In 1724, an abundant spring was discovered in Balingen, where a spa was established very soon. The small historic sulfur fountain is the only remaining testimony and a fine example of the use of the geological treasures of the Swabian Alb.

The healthy effect of the water for skin and metabolism has been appreciated since the Middle Ages.


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    Schwefelbrunnen Balingen


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