Neidlinger Kugelmühle

Fascinating stones all around

Water has a power and precision that never ceases to amaze us – exactly like here in the historic ball mill. Alb rocks are ground into fascinating balls just with the help of the river Seebach. This is how balls and marbles have been made for hundreds of years - without any modern equipment at all.

The smoothly polished surface allows tiny fossils in the stone to become visible. Each ball is unique. Visitors can discover the variety of colours and fine structures on site with a microscope and watch the ball miller at work.


  • Neidlinger Kugelmuehle
    Neidlinger Kugelmühle


Geopoint Neidlinger Kugelmühle
Gießenstraße 12
73272 Neidlingen
(Landkreis Esslingen)