Neidlinger Wasserfall

Watch stones growing

The picturesque Neidlinger waterfall is fed by the two karst springs of the river Lindach. At the upper access to the waterfall, you can witness an amazing process and watch from the wayside as rock is growing.

The falling water is saturated with lime and constantly precipitates lime. Thus, a fine coating on moss cushions forms, the so-called lime sinter. New layers are gradually formed, allowing the rock (lime tufa) to grow several meters over thousands of years.

The cushions of moss and lime tufa on the slope build a biotope worth protecting. They grow continuously, but very slowly. The filigree structures are very vulnerable. Therefore, they must not be walked on.


  • Neidlinger Wasserfall Gregor Lengler
    Neidlinger Wasserfall
  • Moos Tuff
    Feine Sinterumkrustungen an Moos. Sie bilden sich, wenn an Quellen Kohlensäure aus dem Wasser entweicht und dadurch Kalk ausfällt. So entsteht über Jahrtausende Kalktuff, das jüngste Gestein der Alb. (en)


Geopoint Neidlinger Wasserfall
(Landkreis Esslingen)