Bohnerzgruben Veringenstadt

Subtropical times and its traces

Near Veringenstadt, you can discover a special treasure of the Swabian Alb: Bohnerz (bean ore).

The bean ore nodules of reddish-brown colour are usually the size of peas, but in exceptional cases they can form nodules several centimeters in size. They were formed by rock weathering during the Paleogene period, when a warm, humid climate prevailed. In the process, insoluble minerals accumulated in the soil.

Bean ore has a high iron content of 40 percent or more. The Celts already discovered its value. The tradition of bean more mining lasted for centuries and laid the foundation for iron smelting and the metal-processing industry in the Swabian Alb. Along the Veringenstadt History Trail, you can find typical mining pits located in the forest.


  • Bohnerz aus Liptingen
    Bohnerzgruben Veringenstadt
  • Bohnerzgruben Veringenstadt
    Bohnerzgruben am Historienweg Veringenstadt (en)


Geopoint Bohnerzgruben Veringenstadt
(Landkreis Sigmaringen)