Binsenlache und Doline im Hasental

The dry valley and its ponds

A river once rushed through the Hasental and formed the valley. Today, the karst rock swallows every drop. Dry valleys form, when rivers go underground. They are typical of the karst landscape of the Swabian Alb

On a walk down the Hasental valley, you surprisingly come upon a wetland with small shallow ponds ("Lachen"). The wetland Binsenlache is home to endangered animals and plants. It could only form as volcanic rock created a water damming buffer at this location.

If it rains too much, the excess water from the Binsenlache quickly disappears in a sinkhole and flows into the underground cave system of the dry valley.

At this Geopoint, you get a lively impression of the progressing karstification of the Swabian landscape.


  • Doline im Hasental
    Binsenlache und Doline im Hasental


Geopoint Binsenlache und Doline im Hasental
Lenningen – Gutenberg
(Landkreis Esslingen)