Höllsternquelle Gutenberg

The roaring springs of the Alb

On the Alb, water seeps away very quickly in the karstic rock, resulting in a lack of water. If the water meets an impermeable layer, it emerges to the surface again. The spring Höllsternquelle demonstrates this phenomenon impressively.

The Höllsternbröller lies a few meter above. It is a very narrow cave that has been explored on 350 metres. After heavy rain or during snow melt, the water of the Höllsternbröller shoots thunderously into the daylight. The name Bröller refers to the German word "brüllen" which describes the deafening noise of the water. The Höllstern spring is called a strata spring. It supplied the village of Krebsstein with water from 1934 to 1962.


  • Hoellsternbroeller innen Reiner Enkelmann
    Höllsternquelle Gutenberg


Geopoint Höllsternquelle Gutenberg
(Landkreis Esslingen)