Brenztopf Königsbronn

Blue-green spring pot

At the Brenztopf, the water of the Alb emerges at a mighty rock, forms the river Brenz and then flows into the Danube. The Brenztopf is four metres deep representing one of the most beautiful karst springs in the Swabian Alb. The water shimmers in an enchanting blue-green. Springs are very rare in the Alb. They have a typical, round shape and are therefore called "pot".

The spring pots on the south-eastern edge of the Swabian Alb reflect the current state of ongoing karstification. Here, water emerges again after having gathered in caves systems.

Since 1529, the hydropower of the Brenztopf has been used to operate a hammer mill. In addition, the spring water is said to have a beneficial effect and led to the Kneipp tradition. It is still practiced today in a Kneipp facility located here.


  • Brenzursprung
    Brenztopf Königsbronn


Geopoint Brenztopf Königsbronn
Herwartstr. 2
89551 Königsbronn
(Landkreis Heidenheim)