Falkensteiner Höhle

The wild water cave

The Falkenstein Cave is one of the most famous and longest caves in the Swabian Alb. Visitors are welcomed by its mighty cave portal. Please pay attention! After 20 metres, entry is prohibited for safety reasons.

We marvel here at a rare, active water cave with a cave river. The cave system, about five kilometers long, has both dry and water-filled areas. Water caves are at a much earlier stage of cave formation than caves that have already fallen dry. Today, the water stream still causes mechanical erosion of rock in some places thus enlarging the cave.

During heavy rains and snowmelt, the cave can be quickly and surprisingly flooded. Therefore, it is only possible to enter the wild cave with special permission and an experienced guide.


  • Falkensteiner Hoehle
    Falkensteiner Höhle


Geopoint Falkensteiner Höhle
(Landkreis Reutlingen)