Jurafenster Gerhausen

A window into earth's history

Quarries expose layers of rock and allow us an exceptional view. The mighty rock wall in the quarry near Gerhausen tells us about the most recent period of the Jurassic age, the Upper Jurassic, which dates back about 150 million years.

At that time, the area of today's Alb was covered by a tropical sea. Sponges and microbial mats formed reefs. In between, countless calcareous shells - the remains of creatures - formed mud. All this eventually became stone, the white limestone of the Alb. Therefore we can still marvel at former reef structures and lime banks on the quarry wall. The details are explained on a board. What a fascinating window into the past.

The geopoint is located along a public road in a quarry where mining is still in progress. It should therefore be visited only on weekends. A visit within the operating hours is possible upon request to the quarry manager.


  • Schwammriffe
    Jurafenster Gerhausen


Geopoint Jurafenster Gerhausen