Ursprung des Weißen Kochers

Everything flows

The river Weiße Kocher rises in several springs of different sizes in Unterkochen on the northern edge of the Swabian Alb. Here, you witness geological processes and learn to understand that the landscape is constantly changing: After extensive rainfall, the springs bubble strongly. Soil and rock are thus torn out of the hillside and transported away. This extreme erosion leads to a continuous change of the valley.

On the slopes, landslides occur and sometimes very large boulders come down. This process is documented by trees with sickle-shaped growth and the impressive Kollmann stone. Within a geologically short period of time, the river cuts deeper and deeper towards its source (retrograde erosion).

The wildly romantic river valley is a geosite worth protecting. It has an exceptional microclimate and is home to even rare animals and plants.

The name Weißer Kocher refers to the white foaming of the water as it passes small obstacles.


  • Ursprung des weissen Kochers
    Ursprung des Weißen Kochers


Geopoint Ursprung des Weißen Kochers