Mössinger Bergrutsch am Hirschkopf

Experience landscape history

Geology is a perpetual process that is still ongoing today. The Mössingen landslide - the most significant landslide of Baden-Württemberg – demonstrates this process impressively. In 1984, a huge part of a slope on the Alb escarpment slid down within minutes leaving behind a steep rock face and destroyed terrain.

Today, an extraordinary primeval landscape can be seen here. We learn to understand how landscape changes. The flora and fauna have miraculously reclaimed their territory.

The unique landslide has been under nature protection since 1988 and was declared a "National Geosite" in 2006. You can hike along signposted trails or experience the geological development of this landscape an adventure journey with Germany's only landslide guide Armin Dieter.


  • Moessinger Bergrutsch
    Mössinger Bergrutsch am Hirschkopf


Geopoint Mössinger Bergrutsch am Hirschkopf
(Landkreis Tübingen)