Nusplinger Plattenkalk

Filigree fossil finds with amazing details

The very fine-grained limestones from Nusplingen tell us an exciting story: In the area of Nusplingen, a sea with islands and lagoons existed in the time of the Upper Jurassic 150 million years ago.

The recovered fossils still amaze scientists worldwide: shrimps, starfish and ammonites were found, but also insects and plants. A shark-like ray is renowned worldwide as "sea angel," as well as a unique dragonfly. The astonishing fact: Finest structures and filigree details ot these animals and plants were preserved in the rock. Excavations are still taking place in Nusplingen. Collecting fossils in the excavation area is strictly prohibited.

The Natural History Museum in Stuttgart shows spectacular original finds.


  • Nusplinger Plattenkalk
    Nusplinger Plattenkalk
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    Fossile Libelle Nusplingen (Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart) (en)


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