Höllstern spring

 The Höllstern spring has its source between the permeable bedded limestone (White Jurassic b) and the impermeable marl (White Jurassic a) on the footslope. Some of the spring water originates from the Schopocher bog situated 3 km north. From 1934 to 1962 the Höllstern spring was used to provide water to the residents of Krebsstein in the water-poor region. A few meters above the Höllstern spring is the „Höllsternbröller“, a narrow cave which can be explored to a length of 350 m. Today this water is recharging the Höllstern spring. In case of a high karstic water level, the water of the Höllsternbröller ruptures, as indicated by the name „Bröller“.

The Höllstern spring is a Geopoint since April 2017.