Friedrich-von-Keller-Schule Abtsgmünd

In its guiding principle, the Abtsgmünd primary, intermediate and secondary school commits itself to sustainability: "Pupils are able to find their way in a changing world and are prepared to take on social responsibility. Respect for God's creation is the basis for all actions."

The idea of the Geopark school is here filled with life - in the classroom and beyond. In cooperation with numerous educational partners, students experience the landscape of the Swabian Alb Geopark as a precious homeland. They learn about the history of the earth and of mankind, explore geological and archaeological sites and experience the nature of the region.


  • Friedrich von Keller Schule Abtsgmuend v2
    Friedrich-von-Keller-Schule Abtsgmünd



Gaildorfer Straße 4-6
73453 Abtsgmünd