Kneipping (Intangible Heritage)

The natural healing method of Kneipp serves to maintain or restore human health. The holistic therapy developed by Pastor Sebastian Kneipp between 1841 and 1897 was included in the nationwide register of intangible cultural heritage by the German UNESCO Commission in 2015.

Kneipp's applications are based on five pillars: the health-promoting power of water, a balanced diet, medical herbs, exercise and a balanced lifestyle. From Sebstian Kneipp originates the quote: "The path to health leads through the kitchen, not the pharmacy." The first Kneipp association was founded in Bad Wörishofen in 1890, but a large network of associations soon developed. In Germany today there are over 600 Kneipp associations dedicated to the holistic teachings.

Most people in Germany are familiar with this natural healing method mainly through Kneipp facilities. In the Swabian Jura, Kneipp makes use of the geology. The water that comes to the surface from the limestone in various places in the Swabian Alb is quite cold and thus well suited for treading water. Sebastian Kneipp recommends walking through the water like a stork, i.e. lifting the foot completely out of the water with each step, and thus walking through the Kneipp course twice. This is how Kneipp facilities came into being in many places, which are still used today by hikers and cyclists to refresh their tired feet.


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    Kneipping (Intangible Heritage)