15 Mar 2024

EGN meeting in the Turkish Geopark Kula-Salihli

The European UNESCO Geoparks met from 5 to 9 March in Turkey's only geopark, Kula-Salihli. Members from 29 European countries exchanged views on new developments in the geopark network. Ideas were discussed and joint projects further developed in numerous thematic workshops. There was also the opportunity to make new contacts and think about possible cooperation projects with existing ones, such as with our Finnish partner geopark Rokua.

The Kula-Salihli Geopark, which is located around 100 km east of Izmir, is characterised by its volcanic landscape and rich cultural heritage. The earth pyramids (fairy chimneys) found there are an extraordinary phenomenon.


  • EGN Meeting Kula website
    EGN meeting in the Turkish Geopark Kula-Salihli
  • Erdpyramiden
    Fairy chimneys in Kula-Salihli Geopark