19 Jun 2023

Beautiful day in Steinheim! / picture gallery of the Geopark Festival

Geopark Chairman Ulrich Ruckh put it in a nutshell during his speech: "You immediately feel here the heart beat of the Geopark". He emphasized: "We stand for the diversity in the Swabian Alb and for its people. It's about the habitat and about cultural preservation."

With an all-around successful summer festival, Steinheim and the district of Heidenheim presented themselves as cordial and perfect hosts. The festival on 18th June was very well attended and supported by the local associations. The booths of the numerous participants offered a wide range of activities for families. Holger Weise (Mayor of Steinheim) told in his welcome speech about the Steinheim people's long passion for earth history, grounded in their world-famous meteor crater. He thanked his predecessors in office and many volunteers for their commitment.

District Administrator Peter Polta was pleased that the rich geological heritage around Heidenheim is being given the appreciation it deserves through numerous Geopark info centres, Geopoints and Geopark schools. Andreas Stoch, Martin Grath (Members of the State Parliament) and Tobias Rief (Mayor of Sontheim a. d. Brenz) were welcomed as guests.

Photo (from left): Holger Weise, Ulrich Ruckh, Peter Polta, Andreas Stoch, Martin Grath, Tobias Rief


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    Beautiful day in Steinheim! / picture gallery of the Geopark Festival
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