12 Apr 2023

40 Years of the Mössingen Landslide / Free guided tours

The largest landslide in Baden-Württemberg occurred on 12 April 1983, when a huge piece of the Mössinger Albtrauf  slid down into the valley and left a primeval landscape. With time, nature miraculously reclaimed its terrain. The stone desert became a valuable biotope.

Armin Dieter was there live at the time - a memorable experience that led him to his profession. He became Germany's only landslide guide! The Mössingen landslide is part of our "Journey through Earth's History" as an official Geopoint.

On 1st April 2023, there was an anniversary evening with a breathtaking multivision show by Armin Dieter in the Quenstedt auditorium in Mössingen. Other public and free special tours are offered during the year. Please check www.moessingen.de for registration.


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    40 Years of the Mössingen Landslide / Free guided tours
  • Moessinger Bergrutsch Jublilaeumsabend
    Ulrich Ruckh (Geopark Chairman) thanks Armin Dieter on the jubilee evening
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    Landslide in glass - Armin Dieter at the CMT 2023