Naturkundliches Museum Göppingen

Fossils and cultural history

The natural history museum Göppingen tells the story of the Earth's history through 220 million years. The famous fossil collection of the theologian and geologist Dr. Theodor Engel brings the animal world of the Jurassic Sea back to life.

In our info centre, you learn about the fascinating geological history of the Swabian Alb and get to know the nature of today's Filstal valley. In addition, exciting insights into the history of the region from the Stone Age to the Early Middle Ages are provided.

There is a spring of sour water on the outside wall of the museum. It was said to have healing powers and for centuries there was a lively spa activity around the spring.


  • Naturkundliches Museum Goeppingen
    Naturkundliches Museum Göppingen


Naturkundliches Museum
Boller Straße 102
73035 Göppingen-Jebenhausen
(Landkreis Göppingen)

Closed until 2024 for renovation.