Freilichtmuseum Beuren

Swabian splendour and austerity

As if fallen out of time, the open-air museum Beuren is located in idyllic surroundings on the Alb escarpment. The 25 original buildings once stood in the Neckar region and on the Swabian Alb. Exhibitions, events, hands-on activities and guided tours complete the museum's offerings.

In our information centre, you can learn a lot about the inventive sustainability of the Swabians. The retrospective view on rural life in the past gives you asthonising insights and opens up new horizons.


  • FLM Beuren
    Freilichtmuseum Beuren


Freilichtmuseum Beuren
In den Herbstwiesen
72660 Beuren
(Landkreis Esslingen)