Biosphärenzentrum Schwäbische Alb

In harmony with nature

The Swabian Alb Biosphere Centre in Münsingen shows how people and nature can live together in harmony. The traditional cultural landscape of the Swabian Alb has been shaped by its inhabitants, such as pastoral shepherds, orchard farmers and beekeepers. Habitats have been used sustainably in this way for generations.

Our info centre shows: By preserving cultural landscapes, you are laying the path for the future.


  • Biosphaerenzentrum SchwaebischeAlb
    Biosphärenzentrum Schwäbische Alb


Biosphärenzentrum Schwäbische Alb
Biosphärenallee 2-4
72525 Münsingen-Auingen
(Landkreis Reutlingen)