Wachtfelsschule Kolbingen

The Wachtfelsschule Kolbingen is a neighborhood school for students from Kolbingen, Renquishausen and Königsheim and has been a Geopark school since 2016.

"The guiding principle of our school should be education for sustainability, environmental protection and love of nature. The landscape of the Swabian Alb offers incomparably exciting, natural insights into 200 million years of the earth's history. (...) The Wachtfelsschule Kolbingen has set itself the goal of making this heritage tangible for the students and to convey an awareness of the formation and significance of the landscape of the Swabian Alb."




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    Wachtfelsschule Kolbingen



Wachtfelsstraße 1
78600 Kolbingen
(Landkreis Tuttlingen)