Sonnenlugerschule Mengen

The Sonnenlugerschule Mengen is a comprehensive school in the countryside, surrounded by forests, meadows and fields. Mengen's location offers many destinations for extracurricular learning, e.g. the Geopark info centres Haus der Natur in Beuron and Kolbinger Höhle.

Under the motto "lessons to touch and experience", pupils are introduced to the uniqueness of the Swabian Alb and the correlations between geology, geography, history and culture. What shapes characterise the landscape? How did farmers use the Swabian Alb? Which pre-Christian cultures settled in the Swabian Alb? The pupils learn to take responsibility for the landscape and nature, for example in the context of tree planting campaigns and a project for watercourse renaturation. In this way, sustainability is located on the doorstep.


  • Sonnenlugerschule Mengen
    Sonnenlugerschule Mengen



Schulstraße 12
88512 Mengen
(Landkreis Sigmaringen)