Karl-von-Frisch-Gymnasium Dußlingen

The mission statement of the Karl-von-Frisch High School encompasses responsibility for nature and the environment as well as the concept of the "green school". The school's hear beats completely for nature. Already since its foundation almost 30 years ago, the school has been regularly and intensively involved in the topics of geology, nature conservation, environmental protection, landscape studies and sustainability.

In addition to the far-reaching commitment within the framework of the "green school", there are, for example, energy and waste disposal managers in the classes, a cave project, an upper school geology course and a bee club. This commitment is now to be expanded and accentuated through exciting educational cooperations with the Geopark partnership.


  • Karl von Frisch Gymnasium Dusslingen
    Karl-von-Frisch-Gymnasium Dußlingen



Auf dem Höhnisch
72144 Dußlingen
(Landkreis Tübingen)