Grundschule Kleiner Einstein Arnegg

At Kleiner Einstein primary school, one thinks outside the box. The motto is: Nomen est omen! And so the little researchers start early to deal with important topics of life and, full of curiosity, to find the answers to exciting questions.

There are excursions for the children to the geological sites of the surrounding area, such as the Geopoint Blautopf Blaubeuren or the ice age art museum URMU in Blaubeuren, a Geopark info centre. In addition, the school has its own school garden and offers a gardening club. This holistic approach will hopefully will set an example.


  • Kleiner Einstein Arnegg
    Grundschule Kleiner Einstein Arnegg


Grundschule Kleiner Einstein

Erminger Straße 5
89134 Blaustein-Arnegg