Egauschule Dischingen

On the occasion of the inauguration as a Geopark school in March 2021, the school management emphasised: "The pollution of our environment has been a topic in our school for a long time. We are also a fair trade school - and are therefore very proud to be designated a Geopark school. The Geopark certificate makes it possible to raise pupils' awareness of the environment and their responsibility. Moreover, Dischingen's location is perfectly suited for the exploration of nature and to learn about the special landscape."

The school therefore offers many events and excursions to the Swabian Alb Geopark and has set up a Geopark study group.


  • Egauschule Dischingen
    Egauschule Dischingen



Am Bauwolf 15
89561 Dischingen
(Landkreis Heidenheim)