Tiefer Stollen

The show mine of the Swabian Alb

The Tiefer Stollen mine in Aalen is not a natural cave, but a tunnel system in an inoperative mine. Iron ore was mined there from the 18th century. The inhabitants of the region found work and income here. That is why an iron industry developed here very early on. It was not until 1945 that mining in the Tiefer Stollen mine was stopped.

Since 1987, the Tiefer Stollen mine has been opened again as a show mine. Visitors can enter the mine in a lorry, just as the miners used to do. It is also possible to have a healing therapy there. The cool and clean air underground alleviates respiratory problems.

Special feature: The ore of the Alb

Iron ore comes from the rocks that were deposited in the sea around 170 million years ago (in the Middle Jurassic period). At that time, small iron oxide grains were washed together in the area of the Ostalb and are preserved today as two layers in the iron sandstone. The layers are almost two metres thick. The rocks from the early Middle Jurassic have been extremely well researched around Aalen. Therefore this period of the Earth's history is known worldwide as the "Aalenian".


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    Tiefer Stollen
  • TieferStollen TI Schulung
    Training of tourist info centres by the Geopark on 27 January 2020 in Aalen


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