Cave of legends

There are many stories and even a novel about the mysterious Nebelhöhle. In "Lichtenstein", Wilhelm Hauff tells of the cave as the hiding place of a famous prince.

It gets its name from a phenomenon that occurs in winter: warmer cave air escapes from a small hole in the cave ceiling, as it is lighter than the cold winter air in the surroundings. This causes water to condense and fog to form. The mysterious fog hole in the forest and the large associated cave underground was already known in the 15th century.

The Nebelhöhle has a total length of 813 metres - of which 450 metres are explored and open to visitors today. It is famous for its impressive cave halls and a true forest of stalactites.

Special feature: Dripstone in the castle

A stalactite stump in the cave tells of a time when people were not yet aware of the precious heritage in the cave. In 1961, a stalactite was sawn off, cut into thin slices and ended up as wall decoration in the New Palace in Stuttgart. It still hangs there today. In the meantime, stalactites are fortunately strictly protected.




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