Kolbinger Höhle

Fascination Underworld

The Kolbingen Cave is located directly on the valley slope of the Danube Valley. It is a natural monument and the only show cave in the Southwest Alb. The cave is 330 metres long in total, but only 88 metres are accessible. The cave is richly decorated with stalactites event forming bizarre shapes.

It is already impressive to enter the way to the cave through a natural rock gate. Via winding stairs and a path along the valley slope, you reach the actual cave entrance. From the view point at the Felsenhütte, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Danube valley.

Special feature: Other "wild" but accessible caves in the surrounding area

Mühlheimer Felsenhöhle, Burghöhle, Beilsteinhöhle, Eselstalhöhlen, Sperberloch, Bronner Höhlen, Jägerhaushöhle, Maurushöhle (see brochure "HöhlenTag Donaubergland").


  • Kolbinger Hoehle Siegfried Roth
    Kolbinger Höhle


Kolbinger Höhle

N 48.0404  E 9.178
(Landkreis Tuttlingen)