Hohle Fels

World-famous site of Ice Age art

What a magical place! The artefacts found here amazed the scientific world. The "Venus of the Hohle Fels" (Venus of the Hollow Rock), the "little lion man", the "water bird" or the flute made of vulture bones are world-famous - they are a sensational discovery of global significance.

Standing in the imposing cave hall - with 500 square metres of floor space one of the largest in the Swabian Alb - you feel transported back in time thousands of years. This is where man obviously first found the leisure to make music and carve figurines out of mammoth ivory and animal bones. Just in the midst of the last hostile ice age.

The sound conditions of the 30-metre-high dome are comparable to those of a cathedral. Consequently, this place was ennobled by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


  • Hohle Fels Reiner Enkelmann
    Hohle Fels


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