Gutenberger Höhle

Cave portal and stalactite splendour

Gutenberg Cave with its impressive forecourt is considered one of the most beautiful dripstone caves in the Swabian Alb. As the nearby Gußmannshöhle, it is a fissure cave. Six larger halls are connected by narrow, high passages.

During the first excavations in 1889, a sinter wall was broken through that closed off the entrance hall to the rear part. Thereby a treasure was unearthed!

Special feature: Animal world of the Ice Age

The explorers came across an approximately 3-metre thick wall in which fossil bones had been hidden and preserved over thousands of years. Today, they tell us about the animal world of the Ice Age (Quaternary). Evidence was e.g. found of hyena, giant deer, cave bear, cave lion, rhinoceros and even monkey (Inuus Suevicus = Swabian monkey). The monkey was only found at this place in Germany.


  • Gutenberger Hoehle Reiner Enkelmann
    Gutenberger Höhle


Gutenberger Höhle

N 48.542465 E 9.522218
(Landkreis Reutlingen)