Enchantment under the earth

Charlottenhöhle cave is one of the longest show caves in southern Germany with 587 metres in length. It was discovered in 1893 and named after Queen Charlotte of Württemberg. The special feature of the karst cave is the high, narrow and tube-like cave passage just like a keyhole. It opens out into several larger halls. The Charlottenhöhle enchants with a great variety of sinter and stalactite forms.

Special feature: Small drop with a big history

A small stalactite located near the entrance has become famous among speleologists. By chance, it was possible to find out its growth rate: It had formed on an old power line. Since it is known when the line was laid, it was possible to calculate how fast it had grown up to now. Namely, around 3 centimetres in 110 years! This is extremely fast for a dripstone and is due to the favourable conditions at this location.


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Charlottenhöhle mit HöhlenErlebnisWelt

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