Meteorkrater Rundwanderweg

Meteorkrater Steinheimer Becken (Eberhard Stabenow)Around the Steinheimer Basin is the 20 km-long Meteorkrater circular route. In many places along the way you can enjoy beautiful views of the Steinheimer Basin. The hiker crosses over flower meadows and barren heathland, through sun-drenched forests, past wet biotopes. He enjoys the tranquility and marvels at the rich flora and fauna of the meteorite steer. At the end of the hike, he can relax the day comfortably in one of the Steinheimer restaurants. Why are there heath areas in the Steinheim? Are the plants and animals now living in the meteorite counterparts witnessing the geological history? How did the previous residents get their drinking water? More than 20 panels at the edge of the trail are devoted to questions of geology, flora, fauna and the history of the Steinheim Basin.