Lenningen valley head

 In geologically young times the valley Lenninger sharply incised into the Swabian Alb. Today
the valley, with its three springs Schwarze Lauter, Donnbach and Weiße Lauter, starts at a distance of 9 km from the Northern escarpment of the Alb. This so called „Upper Lenninger Tal with adjacent valleys“ is the biggest Natural Protected Area in the county Esslingen at 593 hectares. The great landscape provides numerous geological highlights, one of them located in the deep circular valley of Gutenberg. Here, in the headwaters of the Weiße Lauter and Pfulb with the Hasental, the European watershed takes course, the watershed between the old Danube river system and the young drainage pattern of the Rhine, to which the Neckar belongs.

The Lenningen valley head is a Geopoint since April 2017.