Cave of Lion-headed Figurine

Löwenmensch aus dem Hohlenstein Stadel (T. Stephan, Ulmer Museum)The cradle of human culture

In the „Cave of the Lion-headed Figurine“ in Rammingen-Lindenau, you gain a first impression of the Lonetal (Lone Valley) caves where the oldest figurative works of art created by mankind were found.

Because of this, the Lone Valley caves have attracted worldwide attention, and not only in archaeological circles. The Lone Valley caves were a place of refuge and settlement for early man; the Neanderthals retired to these caves 70,000 years ago to seek protection from the weather and their enemies. For the early humans of the species Homo sapiens, they probably also had a particularly mystical meaning; this is shown by the impressive figures carved from mammoth ivory, especially the unique lion-headed figurine, a human figure with animal head which is over 30,000 years old. Today the caves are a popular tourist attraction, and you can still sense the soul and the magic of these prehistoric events.

The caves are easy to reach on foot from Rammingen-Lindenau (Hohlenstein 1 km, Bocksteinhöhle 2 km, Vogelherdhöhle 3 km). Next to the „Cave of the Lion-headed Figurine“ there is one of the most attractive beer gardens in the region at the restaurant „Zum Schlößle“.

Opening hours
Tue - Son 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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