Urwelt-Museum Hauff Holzmaden

On a dive in the Jurassic Sea

Holzmaden is world-famous for its wonderfully preserved fossils from the Posidonia Shale. These rocks were deposited on the sea floor 180 million years ago in the Lower Jurassic period. Many major natural history museums around the world display a specimen from Holzmaden. The fossils from the Jurassic Sea have a breathtaking richness of details: you can see, for example, the last food of a dinosaur or discover embryos in the dinosaur's belly. For science, these finds are extremely valuable.

You can immerse yourself in this fantastic world of the Jurassic Sea at the Urwelt Museum Hauff on an exhibition space of more than a thousand square meters. The museum shows ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, crocodile dinosaurs and pterosaurs, large colonies of crinoids, ammonites and belemnites – illustrated by modern museum didactics.


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    Urwelt-Museum Hauff Holzmaden


Geopoint Urwelt-Museum Hauff Holzmaden
Aichelberger Str. 90
73271 Holzmaden
(Landkreis Esslingen)