Urgeschichtliches Museum (URMU)

Man and culture during the last Ice Age

In the URMU, the museum of Ice Age Art in the heart of the famous world heritage site, you can admire the "Venus vom Hohle Fels", the world's oldest figurative representation of a human being. There are also musical instruments and magnificent pieces of jewellery on display.

The info centre puts the art works from the Ice Age in a cultural context and shows that people of the past - not only in the Swabian Alb - created impressive art. Whether in the past or today - art is omnipresent and connects people worldwide.


  • Urgeschichtliches Museum URMU Hannes Wiedmann
    Urgeschichtliches Museum (URMU)


Urgeschichtliches Museum (URMU)
Kirchplatz 10
89143 Blaubeuren