Landscape guides in the Tübingen rural district

Landschaftsführungen im Landkreis Tübingen, Blick auf die Wurmlinger Kapelle (Kreis Tübingen)The discovery tours of the landscape guides in the Tübingen rural district pass on interesting facts about nature and the landscape and invite you into a world full of hidden treasures. Come and see Schönbuch, the Schönbuch hillsides, the Ammer heights, the Spitzberg mountain, the Wurmlingen Kapellenberg, the Mössingen landslide, auf den Härten and the Steinlach and Neckar valleys - rediscover these landscapes and uncover some special features that may previously have seemed of minor importance. The landscape guides would be happy to plan group guided tours tailored to individual needs if desired. The landscape guides can also be booked through the Tübingen Tourist Office and the WTG (Business Development and Tourist Corporation) Rottenburg.