Geo hiking trail Balingen-Zillhausen

Zillhauser Wasserfall (Stadt Balingen)In Balingen-Zillhausen, the open layers of Brown Jurassic rock (Dogger) are particularly impressive. This geological important outcrop is a stratigraphic reference locality  (Zillhausen-sub formation).

This geological feature is the focus of the Geo Hiking Trail which is an adventure in geology conveyed on 10 information panels along the route. The Zillhausen waterfall is the most impressive part of this trail.

Water is seldom found on the plateau of the Swabian Alb. The strong karstification of the Upper Jurassic limestone (White Jurassic) causes precipitation to seep quickly through cracks in the rock and drain underground. If a water-permeable layer of rock is cut by a slope, the water comes to the surface again and forms a stream.

Zillhausen owes its waterfall to its location at the “Albtrauf”, where the so - called “waterfall-layers” of the middle Jurassic crop out. These alternating layers of soft clayey material and harder resistant sediments are affected by erosion differ- ently, which leads to a 26 m high escarpment, where the “Büttenbach” – stream falls down to the “Wunderloch” in a 17m free fall. The Zillhausen waterfall is the 3th largest of the Swabian Alb.

our tip: vist the Zillhausen waterfall in winter, when the waterfall is formed by thousands of icicles

   The Zillhausen Waterfall is a geopoint since October 2018